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: $110.00
List Price: $120.00
: $120.00
This is a very delicate silver bangle with flowers you can ware the pair , avaiblable. Price each one. Bangle on white Tibetan Silver, repousee design of leaves and diamonds 2 3/4 diam.

Twin dragons adjustable, in silver. Sale the pair.

Oval Blue
: $180.00
Black & Aqua
: $190.00
: $190.00

This is a high end design, black resin, lotto flowers of white Tibetan silver in repousee, inlet of
brass with turquoise
Light white tibetan silver bangle, repousee design.
List Price: $210.00
: $210.00
List Price: $210.00
: $210.00
: $210.00

Very singular square bangle, design on reposuee white tibetan silver, snake with inserts in coral and

turquoise, inside yellow resin. 2 3/4 inside diam.

White Tibetan silver repousee design with inserts on turquoise red and yellow resin. 23/4inch diam.

White Tibetan Silver, Dragon Fly design repose 2 3/4 diam.
: $210.00
Gold Flowers
: $210.00
Orange Silver
: $210.00
Repousee design on white Tibetan silver flowers, inside of bordeaux resin, 2 1/2 diam. this si s beauty! Golden Brass with flowes all designed with flowers inserts on the sides on turquoise and coral diam 2 1/2 bangle designed on white tibetan silver, insert of coral, turquoise, red resin diam 2 1/2
: $227.00
The Blues
: $230.00
: $270.00
Lovely work on white metal, with inserts of turquoise and coral, dime 2 3/4. Cuff with inserts on lapis lazuli, coral and coral, width 2 3/4,

Bronze Dragon repousee work, with coral insert. Inside black resin, you can combine it with the
thinner one, see last picture spectacular to wear in all occasions. Width 2 1/4 inch - 2 3/4 diameter.

: $270.00
: $270.00
: $270.00
Incredible work of turquoise dots on a Tibetan white Silver. Bangle design in square front with inserts of turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli, yellow resin, white tibetan silver, unique. Very light gold brass, reposee design of the koi fish and peacock, 2 3/4 diam.
: $310.00
: $325.00
Sun Flower
: $527.00
White Tibetan silver, repousee design of the libelula, inside of whitw resin, 2 1/2 White Tibetan Silver bangle with inserts on cora, turquoise and yellow resin, very light and so attractive  design. Yellow recin sun on a white tibetan silver reposusee pendant, around of all around the world beads, tagua, seads, wool,cristal, mustang, glass,all yellow and silver.