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Eyes on me Romana Olivia
: $120.00
: $120.00
Silver and white recine stones. Brass and Coral Coral recipe with green agatha.
Brass Blue Scarlet Shining stars
Brass Blue
: $160.00
: $167.00
Shining stars
: $170.00

This is a great combination of brass reposousee pendant with turquoise inserts and the blue Agatha,

the beads of wool and wood all in different browns.

Red Coral with double pendant. Deep Blue and Bright Yellow agatha.
Rain Chantal Green Naga
: $180.00
: $180.00
Green Naga
: $190.00
Deep purple Amethyste beats and stones, with a beauty hand made beads brass and magnesite. Amethyste with recine. Pendant of Naga Shell on brass with coral inserts.The naga Shell  its  chacra balancing and protection fro negtive influences also used i old Tiebet Ritual Meditation.Green magnesite beads.
Extasis Rose Coral Estelle
: $190.00
Rose Coral
: $210.00
: $210.00
Silver and white recine. three yellow resing charms on white tibetan silver flowers, very tiny chips of aghata
Regia Dechen dzi eye
: $210.00
: $210.00
dzi eye
: $210.00
This is a conch shell, engraved whit solid brass pendant, all the  beads are hand made on wool, whith a delicate small charms. Yellow resin tipical tibetan beads combined with deep blue mustang. Cross pendand on also yellow resin with white silver repousee leaf design.

Dzi beads pendant and necklace, is a type of stone bead of uncertain origin worn as part of a necklace and sometimes as a bracelet. In several Asian cultures, including that of Tibet, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit.

Green Buda Me Colors Red Passion
Green Buda
: $210.00
Me Colors
: $210.00
Red Passion
: $210.00
Lime green Buda on white tibetan silver with magnesite beads. Exotic silver pendant from india on red combined wiht beads of all around the world... Agatha red stones and brass.
Wilderness Lilac Brown Buda
: $210.00
: $210.00
Brown Buda
: $215.00
Silver and white recine stones. Violet tones  unique with unique colorful semiprecious pendant. Brass pendant with wood engraved with turquoise insert, resin beads and brass repousee tibetan spacers
Royal Pleasures vintage
: $230.00
: $230.00
: $250.00
Lapizlazuly and silver with coral inserts. Yellow amethyst with silver pendant.

This beautiful old necklace is made of white metal or low alloy silver and brass. The width of the necklace is 2 ½ inches and the length of the necklace is approximately 21 inches.

This old necklace is worn by the Rana Tharu of far western Nepal which is called Kanthshri in the local language. It is acquired from Kathmandu. The metal is white metal or low alloy silver

diki GreenGodes Valentine
: $270.00
: $270.00
: $270.00
Agatha golden tone beads with a dragon brown resin pendant also with brass with inserts. All beads, from around the world, tagua, brass, glass, wood,agatha, with a spectacular pendant double dzi, aroud the godes. Brown/bordeaux amathyste combined with pearl on a brass pedant.
Peace Buda koi Lovers
: $270.00
: $280.00
koi Lovers
: $290.00
Turquoise with red recipe and silver. White tibetan silver pendant on black resin buda from Tibet with the same style beads Two brass koi with a red coral beads.